Post 7+ years of experience, chances of switching career to analytics


Hello Guys

I need guidance of someone expert from business or data analytics field.

I am working in IT/telecom domain for last 8 years and want to switch my career to big data analytics or business analytics. For now just to give a start , i am pursuing “data science with SAS” course from jigsaw academy.

Can someone please enlighten me that Is this course sufficient to switch career to analytics ? Considering when my past work experience is not at all in analytics

Or Do i need to go for post graduation or MS program in big data analytics as i have observed that several universities are providing MS or PG in big data like IE business school, NUS Singapore etc and from India Great lakes is providing PGPBA which is comparatively cheaper (from investment perpective)

And If for career switch at level of 8 years of exp, i required to go for higher education in big data analytics then what would be best option ? Should i opt for program being run by Great lakes or should i go for full time course from universities like IE or NUS ?

Please suggest.



Hi @vik85mailme

First before to go go forward what did you do in Telecom for 8 years ? If for example you are in application development for let say customers marketing b2c to move to analytics will make sense from the recruiter point of view as they will look at the overall pattern.
Now which place? For what I know Singapore is a good place for data science, be careful due to economic pharma is big there as well as finance, If you are interested in pharma and it is one of the leading edge industry in data science to go to NUS is a good choice. Working visa are not too strict there as soon as you have a sponsor.

On the other side IE has very good professors, from my experience the professors bring different views about business but I can not say about Data Science, Europe has also a demand in data science but a working visa could be a problem once you finish your studies do not forget this.

In few words, check if data science analytics fit with what you have done, recruiters will look at the pattern as you have 8 years experience. Second in which area of analytics do you want to go or in other word what is you passion if pharma or finance Singapore is a good bet, again with your experience it should fit in one way or the other.

Hope it helps


Thanks so much @Lesaffrea

In my career, I have gained exposure to CRM/BSS (telecom CRM) + on some real time telecom prepaid billing applications. And have worked on various skill sets like Unix, SQL (oracle + MSSQL), "installation,deployment, integration and testing of telecom CRM / BSS solution.

I have never thought about which analytics sector ( finance or pharma or telecom ) would be suitable for me though i don’t want to restrict myself up to telecom domain only.

There are several telecom giants which have already jumped into telecom analytics like Ericsson, Amdocs and Mobileum. So, might be these are options to start career in analytics.

  1. Point here is should i quit my job and go for studies in Big data analytics at NUS or IE and then try for switch to analytics post completion of course ?

  2. Or should i opt for big data analytics program being run by Great Lakes, India ( ) which allows me study analytics without quitting my current job , and then try for switch to analytics ?

  3. Or should i just continue on same path or work which i am doing currently as it’s now too late for me to switch to analytics ?

Asking these questions because time is money. I am not sure about ROI if i go for any of first two options and give my 100% efforts ( including time + money)

Please suggest accordingly.



hi @vik85mailme

The first point and it goes to you last sentence a switch in career is not without risk therefore the ROI should have a high pay off, first question can it change your life style? If money is one point for you it means you should see one increase of 30%, below you will have no change in fife style… sorry for people jumping job for 10% salary increase.

As mentioned, one factor will be how the next company will perceive you, you mentioned 8 years in telecom and CRM. If you are in let say Vodafone, great you have part of the value of vodafone and this could help to jump in other areas, for example customer analytics for publishing. If not you will have to work a lot on you story.

Second point you are in CRM implementation, which is not in the customer analytics very IT like, with 8 years I am not so sure that to opt to do a specialised study in analytics will be the best bet there, some people could have a different view. My feeling will be you should take a mix business type MBA with some electives in analytics, this will allow you to broaden your view from the IT side to the more business (implementation is IT for me) as analytics deliver insights and models for business (most of the analytics and data science team are not part of IT departments, but work with business directly). I do not know if you foresee your self in managerial position let say in 4 years but if the case more business knowledge including human behavior are important, people management is always the key for success in management, algorithm come second :slight_smile:

Back to the schools, IE is a good business school, I have not check the curriculum but it could fit with business + Analytics. I do not know NUS so I can not comment about this institution.

In nutshell if you see yourself in managerial position, full time with elective in analytics would be a good bet, but check where do you yourself in middle term.
If not and you see you self in data science hard core, building models etc … then specialised the institution you mentioned could be good, other people in this forum knows better the quality. Other point if you choice this pace, be involved, this will ease your switch.

Hope this help, good luck.



thanks @Lesaffrea