Post Graduate Program in Big Data Analytics from Great Lakes


Hi Kunal, All,

Can you please review the the PGP BDA program from Great lakes. The program will be only in bangalore location.

Also, how does it compete with other Big Data analytics programs.


Kunal, Can you please review this and let all know about this new offering from Great Lakes. The admission process has started already, and there are no reviews anywhere on web.


@apurvgaurav Thanks for the suggestion. We will let you know as soon as we can.




I am selected for this course and the classes are commencing from 25 March. Having said that, I am in the same boat as you. I can’t find much on the internet about this new offering from Great Lakes. I am looking for a career shift in Data Analytic’s stream and just applied for the sake of it. From what I’ve gauged from the brochure and on comparison with the existing PGP-BABI, this course seems to be more technical and incorporates less of business domain competency.

Please let me know if you got some further insights or have something to share. I still haven’t paid the admission fees yet.




It is difficult to do a review as only the first batch has been announced yet.

You can look at the interaction with the program director below:



Thanks Kunal.

I finally decided to take the plunge. A bit skeptical at first, but I am surprised in a good way after seeing the profile of other batch mates. I had no doubt about the pedagogy followed at Great Lakes, but for me good companionship mattered more.

Well without divulging much, I would like to tell that the average work experience of the batch is 8+ years and we also have a gentleman with 18+ years work experience.The other part, I like is that people are from disparate domains and reputed MNCs, which gives me a chance to learn and compete with some like minded folks.

I hope the above information is helpful for others who want to apply in future and I will try to post regular updates about the course and it’s pros and cons.



Hi Susingh/Kunal,

I’ve also heard about this course recently and looking forward to join this. Can someone provide a bit more information on this, Susingh, if you already joined and have experience that how good is it?

Thanks !
Mukteshwar Parbhat


I have been selected for this program too in Hyderabad. Classes are starting from 28th october. People who are already taking this course, could you please share your reviews. Is it really helpful ?


Sorry little late to answer, but since people are still looking for an answer, let me put it.

Hello All :slight_smile: I’m proud to be one of the student of Great Lakes, PGP BDA first batch.

Small intro about me: I’m was a python/django full stack developer before I decided to join this course. So I already had experience in python and as you know python is widely used in Data Science. Like most of the enthusiasts I started learning and digging about data science online through MOOC’s. But the tought part was to figure out what to learn, and even if you decided which subject you wanted to start with, there is a ton of resources. It can get overwhelming and it did. Next challenge in studying online is to constantly be motivated. LinkedIn

Why did I choose Great Lakes when there are clearly many online courses?
The above 2 challenges that I faced, forced me to look for alternatives i.e. classroom trainings. And after extensive research and talking to PGP BI students, since PGP BDA had not yet started, I was sold on the fact that Great Lakes has very good faculty and the curriculum was also interesting.

So I joined the course. Since then I don’t regret my decision even for a second. They have very experienced faculty, industry as well as vast academic experience. The way most of the lecturers teach is amazing. After completing 7 months into the program, I can tell you that if you have an appetite to learn data science and want to get into classroom training this is the course to take. With assignments, mini projects, capstone projects, their online learning site (LMS) and wonder classmates with tons of experience, trust me, you will never get demotivated.

IMHO this is a very good course to consider joining for an aspiring data scientist.


Hi Sunpreet,

How was your experience in the course PGP-BDML. I am planning to join soon.
How much knowledge on Python/R is required?