Practical resource: Statistical modelling for business problems

Hey all - I am trying to find a cohesive / broad resource that illuminates how statistical models have helped to solve real business problems in different disciplines (e.g. marketing, risk, pricing, finance, product design etc) .

If it were a book, the title might be something like “How statistical models have helped businesses succeed: Examples, explanation, code & data sets”. Assuming the reader has an okay grasp on statistics, python, r, sql etc.

The format might be a short and sharp explanation about each business problem, with supporting code assets which allow for more detailed exploration. Something like…

  • Business problem x (e.g. losing customers, trying to identify segments, create better products based on understanding customer behavior, managing credit risk, discretionary pricing, etc…)
  • we used model x to predict y because of these reasons
  • here is the code we’ve used to produce a model
  • here is how we’ve used the output of the model to take action

Any thoughts? Basically what I’m after is a directory of actual business problems which have benefited from stat modelling - different from the explanatory type you find blended into text books and courses that are focused on learning statistical concepts or coding.


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