Predict the gem of Auxesia for Magazino!

Where do we submit out final code?

Mail with csv at

An interesting Visualization which shows how average and overall sharing can be very different

@kunal The final solution CSV must be sent from the registered email id, right ?

Yes, it must be from registered mail id at

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Hi, I am not sure what my registered ID is, since I log in with my twitter account. I have mailed the solution using my gmail ID I hope that doesn’t disqualify me?

Hi, Who is the big winner? Leaderboard is not accessible.

Its the time to felicitate the New Champion of Data Hackathon Online.
Heartiest Congratulations to Mr. Aatish Kumar @aatishk. He has won Amazon voucher worth Rs. 10,000. Good Job Aatish. Well done!

The final rankings can be seen here -->

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Congratulations! Do share your winning model for all to learn.

Thanks for the wishes!

I have shared the code with AV team. They will be making it available in a day or two.

Can anybody Please post the solution I mean the entire final code please. So the people like us can learn it from there.


Sourav Datta

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Please find approach I took in solving this problem. Any feedbacks or comments are welcome.

Can some post a link to the dataset ? Thanks, in advance.

Dear AV team, could you please share the winning code? @Manish & @kunal

Kindly share the winning code…

The winning entry by Attish is now up on GitHub. Here is the link:

Regret the delay.

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