Predicting continuous variable using Machine Learning Algorithms



I am working on a data set containing 7 independent variables and 1 target variable (all are numeric). My goal is to develop a predictive model using 7 explanatory models for predicting the target variable. What machine learning techniques should i use to develop such a model? Also, should i use MATLAB or R for this regression task ? I went through this blog but hardly it had any codes on regression techniques like Neural Network Regression, Support Vector Regression etc.



This is a regression task and you can use any of the regression algorithms out here. If the relationships between the inputs and outputs is linear, the simplest would be to apply linear regression.

You can look at description of various regression algorithms in this article:

While this might not have codes for the algorithms, you can find them by searching them.

For tool, you cna use either R or MATLAB - which ever you are comfortable with.



i need help on this one too


Hi @nirvana.0311, did you refer Kunal’s answer?