Predicting driver behaviour



Hi ,
i want some algorithm that can predict driver behaviour based on speed and angle of sterring every second of car ,so which model i use if i am having 1000 rows for speed and 1000 rows of angle with respect to each other . and i have to predict some final behaviour scores

Predicting driver behaviour speed and angle

@ashwnchoure assuming it to be a regression problem, you can start off by building a linear regression model on your dataset.

Check out this link to learn more about linear regression.


i already applied multilinear regression XGboost randomforest svr but with only one column as a speed

But now i wants to pass multicolumns to predict single value


You can always train your model on a dataframe consisting of multiple columns.


one column with speed having 1000 rows one column with angle 1000 rows and using this two columns (2000 rows ) at a time wants to predict one score that we calcluated.


@ashwnchoure concatenate your columns in the below manner to form a dataframe.

speed angle
45 30
65 23
67 60
45 73


ya this is a complete trip of one driver for 1000seconds and having one score of a trip (say:2500)

similarly i am having 1000 different drivers data and i want machine learning to train this two columns at once to predict a certain score .