Predictive maintenance for machines



can someone please provide any knowledge on Predicitve maintainence.
Predicting the failure of a machine.




This is a very broad question. Please be specific about your requirements. Do you want to know about predictive maintenance in general or something like how IoT and Machine Learning are improving predictive maintenance?


@bans_ankit As NSS said, this is very broad topic. You can think of different scenarios when you want to predict the failure. Please see below examples and their application techniques.

  • Can we guess that after a failure the machine is as good as a new machine that it has aged by some factor, or that is in a second binary state (old)? Renewal Processes
  • Do we want to find out how time-to-failure is affected by factors? - Survival Analysis
  • Do we think there may be some unknown (hidden) factors that influences the next failure time such as irregular jobs, faulty repair, or improper maintenance? Hidden Markov Models
  • Is it our understanding that duration in time increases the chance of failure? Duration Dependence model, Perhaps the number of previous failures increases the probability of another failure - Occurrence Dependence model

I hope this gives you some idea.