Print Option - for Blogs


Hello, @kunal,
I am new here. I was going through some of your posts (like - ‘A Complete Tutorial to Learn Data Science with Python from Scratch’) here. They are really very helpful and I would like to thank you for such nice posts and knowledge sharing. I was wondering if such nice posts could have been referred offline as well. Is there any possibility of enabling print/save as pdf options for them?



Hi @tres,

Thanks for the feature request. Although AV doesn’t give this option inherently, you can easily have a plugin in your web browser which can let you download the articles as PDF. You can use them for your reference.


Hi @jalFaizy,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, that’s an option. However, our workplace doesn’t allow installation of such plugins. So, I feel, having an integrated option would have been more promising. Anyway, It’s ok with me to work on personal system for learning.