Problem in making submission


Every time i try to submit my solution for the McKinsey hackathon, i receive the error:
“Some error occured. Please try after some time.”

What is the problem?
Please resolve it at the earliest as the deadline is fast approaching



Please make sure that the file you submit has the same format as the submission file. If you still face the issue, let us know.


I read “You can make maximum of 10 submission in a day. It has been mentioned on the competition page itself.
“, I am just trying to understand so if I do another.

The McKinsey Hackathon is 3 days 20,21,22. The system let me submit 20 entries between Sat Jul 21 2018 10:36:49 GMT-0500 and Sat Jul 21 2018 17:38:42 GMT-0500. So I assumed this was for the 20th and 21st. I expected to get 10 more for the 22nd? But I am unable to submit another solution?

Just trying to understand for the future?


Hi ,

The time for submission reset was 12:00 am IST.