Project Experience from Analytics Vidya and Kaggle


I have 11 years Exp in CRM as Techno Functional Lead Consultant. I am learning Anlytics, Big Data and Machine Learning through some MOOCs, Currently I do not have any real time project Exp(from my existing Job) in any of these area. I have done some of capstone project at end of each course.
I am planning to enter some competition in Analytic Vidya and Kaggle and do some projects there and also some projects over internet. Will exp in executing projects in these platform will be considered when I Apply for the Job. In short, Will I get the job after doing some projects in these Platforms


Hi @kumark547

Good question and difficult answer. Some companies do not consider Kaggle experience even do not like it at all, they perceived that the developers know a bag of tricks but does not understand the statistics behind, which could be true. This comment come from the head of Data Science teams with strong background in Stats or Maths. (Example if you can explain the canonical distribution family they will not consider you, I do not speak about the explanation of the optimisation of gradient boosting… ), but this could be for very specialise Data Science.
For Data Engineer and not Data Scientist Kaggle is often considered, as data engineering is needed, but in this position you will not build models often but more focus on the platform, which is also very interesting to build real time platform is not a small job even very challenging and you work constantly with Data Science (the math folks !!) which is a good way to learn as well.
Hope this help.