Project Ideas On Machine Learning

I want to do my minor project in Machine Learning. Can anyone suggest some good ideas about the project? I currently use R.


You can create a recommender system. If you complete the Machine Learning Specialization by University of Washington at Coursera, they’ll take you through creating a cool image matching recommendation system. If you start right now, you can complete around May. You can do it if you have that much time.

Link to specialization:

I’ll be happy to discuss some other ideas which you might have. Let me know.

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Thank you for suggestion. But they are asking 59 USD for the course. Anyways, my mentor is asking us to work on big data.So, we are planning to work on hadoop. Can you suggest how to proceed? I am planning to apply machine learning to big data using hadoop.But i am getting completely lost.

You can try for financial aid as well. Students generally get it.

I haven’t worked on big data much. I’ll say you can try something with H2O package which is designed particularly for implementing machine learning algorithms on big data.

Hi @gau2112, you can try working on cognitive radio, its very interesting topic you can easily find some video on youtube that will get you started.
Hope that helps.

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Hi @syed.danish ,
Thank you for your suggestion.
can you please elaborate more on the topic?

Hi @gau2112,
To my knowledge these are some fields you might wanna do your project in :slightly_smiling:
Photo tagging
Recommender systems
Credit default prediction
Social network analysis
Statistical analysis of consumer durables
Web and text analysis
You can start with some good research topics in the above specified fields and start working on it.

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Hi @gau2112

One topic that you could consider if you can get the data is predictive maintenance, there you have massive amount of data so good for big data and hot topic in business.
For this you will need one HDFS landscape (Hadoop), which could be a problem.

Sorry for the late reply but you can go through these videos


Thanks, I will definitely go through them. I would be very grateful if you can suggest some more topics.

To be honest, do you have a background in Statistics or Machine Learning to completely get an idea you need to know some degree of statistics and play with it

Secondly, how does the Financial aid work i have taken some courses on Coursera but was unable to pay the $49 for the Certificate how can i go about it i will need your suggestions

@gau2112 For doing project, I personally think that problem of interest matters more than the tools you use.

Be creative! Try to find what interests you and research what work has been done on it. It need not be in your domain. It may be difficult. But if you follow your heart, your mind will automatically adjust your talent (These people make it to google :wink: )

The best way to search for problems is to find resources. These are some resources I found.

If you want to go deeper, look for current research on the topic by googling it on scholar. Find people working on these topics and see their work. You may find something interesting there.

Sky is the limit! Just stay focused and keep your goal in mind. Best luck :+1:

PS : See how aces do their projects

PPS : Some project suggestions. Another link


@gau2112 I am also in a similar stage as of you. I need project ideas related with machine learning .I currently use R programming language.Can anyone help me?

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