Pursuing a career in Business Analytics after research


Dear all,

I did my B.Tech in 2011 (ECE) and M.Tech in environmental engineering in 2014. Currently, I am working as Project Fellow in one of the CSIR lab. Our work is basically related to research. Now, I want to pursue carrer in business analytics

Kindly suggest me what shuld i do…i m really confused


Hi Sanchi,

What I will suggest is learn excel and SQL for the starters , then apply for a company which takes freshers for analytics position.

Aayush Agrawal


hi Ayush thank u for ur suggestion…:)…I have learnt excel…but the thing if frm where to begin…shuld i do analytics certification course learn the skills and then apply somewhere


Hi Sanchi,

If you are specially looking for a certification, then you can look for the data science specialization certification from coursera to start with. You have enough assignments / projects there where you can test your understanding. There are competitions running in kaggle/crowd analytics etc where you can play to strengthen further.


Hi Sanchi,

I would say get a job in analytics if you can, if not then do a certification course and then get into a job. Reasons are given below -

  1. In a job you will be able to appreciate the power of analytics
  2. Yes doing a online course is good but nothing better than having hands on experience on a real project. It also adds more value on CV than an online course
  3. There are other things then only having technical skills in analytics like communication(super important), office etiquettes, dealing with other folks and clients. If you are unable to communicate your analysis to other people who don’t know anything about analytics they are not going to buy your solutions

Hope this helps.



Even i agree with @aayushmnit. Perfect answer.

Karthikeyan P