Pursuing career in data science for mechanical engineer

Hi I am mechanical engineer working in a marketing company since last 4 years. Now I want to pursue my career in data science as I have only interest in mathematics. After 12th I cleared AIEEE with 146 out of 360 and that was all because of maths. The college I got through counseling was Army institute of technology pune and selected mechanical branch as I had no idea this was the field where I had to deal with physics. I just hate physics whereas mathematics is my strongest part. I still remember i secured 91 marks in maths out of 120 in IIT JEE but nothing is physics and chemistry. Here is college I selected mechanical branch and it was too late before I realized I had no interest in this field as there were totally physics and less mathematics. Somehow I graduated and started working in marketing firm due to financial problem. I know I can’t survive anywhere else until unless that work is not related to mathematics and calculations. This is the reason I want to start my career in data science.

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