Pwr functions in R



I was wondering if anyone here has experience with significance testing, specifically the pwr function in R. we have done a test and I want to proof whether our results are statistically significant or not?chat box summary.csv (4.2 KB)

I have a data set (attached) , summary below:
a. sample is 22
b. observations in pre time is 0.60 conversion rate
b. observation in during time is 0.65% conversion rate.

I would like to know if this is statistically significant and which function in pwr can i use for it?



Hi @Mustafahmed, you may use two-sample test for proportions function, i.e., pwr.2p.test()



Thanks a lot for the reply. Another question: for the h value in the pwr function, do I just put the straight difference of the conversion rate (0.0065 - 0.006) or do I take the change, (0.0065 / 0.006 - 1)? And if you can explain why that would great.

Thanks in advance for your help.



Hi @Mustafahmed you can use ES.h() function in the pwr() package to calculate h.