Python Essentials for Data Science related work



I am newbie in Python. I have used R for sometime. I have gone thru the Tutorial on Data science using Python from Scratch.
I want learn Python for data analysis and Machine learning.
I want to which are the concepts (like List, tuple, loops etc) required in Python which will be useful for my work.
Do i need knowledge of class and other important OOPS concept?
Can someone please answer me in detail about the concepts I will require?


Hey, also being a newbie I would like to share my personal learning path for python. It is quite similar to R and if you understand R, Python will be pretty easy for you. For beginners, I suggest you start with a free course from datacamp. You will get a hands-on experience. And if you live their material you can continue doing their courses or pick up other courses from coursera or udacity as per your needs. There are also various YouTube channels which give you weekly projects you can work on if you are looking for ideas or stuff to try your python skills on.

I hope I am able to give you some idea regarding your query.