Python or R for Data Analytics


Hi All,

I am starting learning DA , what should be my plan to start
R or Python , as per current market ?
My goal is to be comfortable with DAtill october .Kindly suggest…


Hi @kdamedhar,

I would advise you to focus on the concepts more before you learn any tool. If you are confident enough, you can learn both R and python, but then python is easy to learn as compared to R. Once you gain mastery on one tool, you can focus on other tools.

You can refer to this article on AV


Thanks Faizy … Can you advice the concepts to be learnt for the same ?


You can go through this workshop. It is designed specially for beginners


Thanks Faizy ! Great Help. I am starting the same. Meanwhile could you help me with what core statistics topics to be brushed for Data Analytics?


I beg to differ. R is very easy as compared to python. You can start R with swirl package and your EDA job will become really easy.


Thanks Hrushi. Do I need to brush statistics topic like central limit theorem,linear regression,etc… Before proceeding with Learning R?


Very true… Get your theory and concepts right and then approach for programming.
Lets understand why ?

What is programming ?

  • It is set of instruction.

To write instruction you must know what instructions to be given.

To know what instructions to be give you need to know the theory and concepts.