QlikView/QlikSense integration with Python or R



Hi Guys

I am facing challenge in connecting QlikSense/QlikView seamlessly like we do with Tableau. Can any has worked on this, please help me?
one way is is to export output in R or Python to database then bring data to QlikView/QlikSense but I am looking for seamless integration like we have the same for R and Tableau.



Hi @deepak9001,

There’s another way you can integrate Python & Qlikview. You could make COM modules (i.e. windows libraries) and import them in Qlikview via macros. Here’s a link with the example.

Disclaimer: I haven’t worked on Qlikview, but I’m an avid googler :slight_smile:


Hi jalFaizy,

Thanks for sharing the document but this integration is not flawless.


You could ask for a feature request on Qlikview forum. I’m sure they could help you.



Here is what you can try:

  • First create your Python script and let us say you save it with a file script.py

  • Next, open the Qlikview Script Editor and paste the following code:

    Set vPythonPath = ‘C:\Users\Kunal\Canopy\User\python.exe’;
    Set vPythonFile = ‘C:\Users\Kunal\Desktop\script.py’;

    EXECUTE (vPythonPath) (vPythonFile)

Next, you can reload this script and overrun the security warning in case it pops up.

Let me know, if this does not work. You can integrate R scripts in similar fashion

If you want to import some data from these Python / R scripts, you can first save them in a csv file and them import them (again using the same script editor in QlikView).

Hope this helps



Dear Kunal,

Thanks a lot for sharing valuable information.



Hi Kunal,

I tried to run the script but it fails.Please help me. it will be great help from my side.