Queries on Business analytics job


Dear all,

I am a BBM graduate and working as an accountant from past 1year, I was really interested in analytics and have taken up the foundation course , now the problem is I am really worried about the placements. Do companies hire people from non technical background. Apart from the subjects what are the other things I have to be prepared on.Just in case the worst scenario hits me and i dont get a full time job in analytics what are the other options I have to get into it.
I would really be thankful to you if you can answer these questions

Thanks in advance



Having experience as an accountant is OK. You probably would not be turned down, but it would not have significant benefit into the process as well.

Apart from technical subjects, you should also be prepared for showcasing structured thinking, number crunching and business thinking. These would more likely be tested using case studies and guess estimates. There are several articles on Analytics Vidhya to help you with them:

In terms of other options, you can look at various MIS / BI jobs in the meanwhile in analytics consultancies.



Thank you kunal :blush:
Will start preparing for it :blush: