Question On Artificial intelligence



I have a few questions regarding the AI, Can anyone please clarify the below questions ?

  1. What is perceptron? is it node/neuron in hidden layer ?
  2. MLP and deep learning both are same ?
    3)What is the releation between deep learning and auto encoders ?
    4)Can Artificial neural network contains more than one hidden layer ?

  1. A perceptron is a binary neuron that only outputs 0 or 1.
  2. Refer this one :
  3. An auto encoder is a simple 3 layer network with one hidden layer and it tries to recreate it’s input.The output of the autoencoder is the middle layer.Autoencoders can be stacked and trained in a progressive way, we train an autoencoder and then we take the middle layer generated by the AE and use it as input for another AE and so on. This is the first step towards deep learning, the stacked autoencoders will learn how to represent data, the first level will have a basic representation, the second level will combine that representation to create a higher-level representation and so on. Think about images, a first level autoencoder will learn to detect borders as features, the second level will combine those borders to learn traces and patterns etc
    4.Yes, they can


Thank you Adharsh for your time and sharing your views. Its helped