Question on NLU


Hi All ,
I have analytics problem in hand any direction or clue would be much appreciated.
I have being few pdf and need to figure out with if a person has done crime or not. If we read the passage, crime and other wrong stuff were done by some else , this person has actually help to get the issue resolve. I have couple of problem like this .
I have search the net and doing that NLU( natural language understanding) can be used to solve these . Could not understand much what is available on the net.Can some one let me know I. Detail how to solve this problem.


Hi @Anurag20,

You need to have some basic understanding of Machine Learning, Text Analytic to solve this problem. Here I am giving you some courses link which would help you to understand most of these concepts.

  1. For machine learning you can take the Andrew Ng course on Coursera.
  2. For Text/NLP refer the Stanford NLP Christopher Manning course.