Question related to Mapping using Lag


Hi all,

I have a products sales data in which there are two categories of products. First being the main product and second being the peripherals. Now I have to map the peripherals with the main product. How can i do that.

To start with I have one idea that peripherals will be always bought after the main product. And I have been advised to find solution on based on Mapping and Lag.

Kindly suggest any other thoughts or ideas. thanks in adv.



This looks like a simple problem to solve. For any given main product, there can only be a specific group of peripherals - this is what is being referred as Mapping.

For example, if you are doing the analysis for a shop which sells mobiles - mobile phone itself would be the main product, but each phone can only have a set of accessories (and not all). So, the accessories for Samsung phones would not fit on Apple phones.

Once you have this mapping, you can see the products purchased after the purchase time of the product and map them accordingly.

Hope this helps.



thanks again Kunal for providing clarity on this.