Quick Response Needed. Which is better Aegis PGP BA-BD vs Praxis PGP BA course?



I am soon enrolling with either of the two institutes offering post graduate program in big data and analytics.
I am highly confused in deciding which one to go for. If Aegis Full-time or Part-time?
I have 2 years of industry experience.

Appreciate any suggestion in terms of

  1. Better option of the two
  2. Course/curriculum comparison
  3. Fee
  4. Brand recognition
  5. ROI
  6. Placement offers extended to students enrolled at both the institutes
  7. Difficulty level - understanding IT/Non-IT candidate
  8. If the course offered is equivalent to MS or not.

Also, if there is a better option apart from the two listed above assuming IBS and SP Jain has been dropped from list due to the high cost. MISB being a certificate program and online-offline mode is it worth?

SP Jain or Aegis school ? Which is best for a fresher?
Online/Part time courses providing placement assistance

same question at multiple threads.

Based on what u have declared as your profile with no clear indication of what you want out of the program

  • Go full time. You are young and 2 years in experience.
  • Aegis is IBM based platform and pretty new. No clear view of plcaements and batch details
  • Good curriculum and the dean is a nice person. Its highly hands on and difficulty level is definitely high. But SP jain tries to do the same program in 6 months. So figure that out.
  • None of the Analytics program has major recognition. For example these programs are yet to break into IT Service industry main stream. Big consumers like Cognizant, Tata or Infosys have not even visited either of the campus. Having said that it wont take much time for them to start looking out.
  • ISB, IIM or even Great lakes are meant for those with lots of experience getting the analytics side of story telling.
  • Praxis and Aegis can help you get hands on. Based on your interest you can either build your career in technical stream or a business analyst stream. Hands on will help you build your own tools and apps and the 1 year on campus gives you enough time to work through the course
  • Praxis is open source and i prefer Praxis.
  • Aegis is interesting that its based on telecom. You are directly exposed to telecom data base which is humongous for building data analytics. I am sure the course allows students to run analysis on their data.
  • Both offer internship with potential to hire.
  • Praxis is based on ICICI and PWC based curriculum.

There is no better option of the two. Its about what you want out of the program. Both train you hands on. You are hardly going to sit in a theoritical class listening to lectures but more so building programs, tools and apps day in and day out.

If you get a good batch of fellow students, you are talking about collborating to build engines that may help you sell your profile.

So choose based on what you want out of the programs.

Point no 8 - May not be. But definitely better than the part time programs. This atleast gives you head start and ability to get into technical line of work.

Tableau is of high demand, Qlikview developers demand is also high. So a simple visualization tool developer has options for job.

With your experience you can take this risk for doing full time now.


Praxis would be great as it is backed by icici and PwC and it has both modes classroom as well as online modes. It is the best in terms of contents and roi after great lakes, iims and isb ones.
Praxis will be great for young professionals having 0-3years experience range. But the drop point is their courses are only at kolkata, bangalore, Hyderabad and recently tied up with pune university for this years first batch.
ACC to all aspects, Praxis would be better in terms of quality and content delivery section.