R Code for Incident Ticket Management

Hi Preston… Could you please share the code with me. tabitha0311@gmail.com

@tabithadsouza @PrestonL

Hello, this is quite a unique discussion on the internet, I’ve been searching for people interested in ITSM with R for a while, determined that analyzing categorical time series data shouldn’t be as hard as it seems.
Typically I use powerBI and Excel which are very good for the analysis of this type of data but for me they’re not good for presentation. I’d rather be using Rmarkdown and Shiny.

Like @PrestonL my data source is serviceNow. I’m hoping some of you are still active in the field and looking to collaborate?

Have you read the IBM paper Incident Ticket Analytics for IT Application Management Services ?

What kind of analysis pipeline are you all building?

@preston could you share the script with me also. jmrendulic@alaska.edu

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