R Programming resources for a newbie



Hi all,

Where can one learn/practice R from? apart from datacamp.com ? By learning, i mean the complete tool, both theory and practicals




There are a lot of resources on R and usually people find themselves to be on the other extreme - too many resources.

We have created a learning path for this purpose: http://www.analyticsvidhya.com/learning-paths-data-science-business-analytics-business-intelligence-big-data/learning-path-r-data-science/

You can look at this as a starter. Some of the resources, I have seen people use a lot (in addition to the ones mentioned in the learning path):

  • Data Science specialization from John Hopkins university at Coursera
  • Series of videos created by Google to get you started in R - you can find them on YouTube
  • Analytics Edge course on edX - this is a very intensive course though. Requires about 15 hours of work every week.

Hope this helps,


Hi @akash

Try the learning path for R which I wrote here

Remember you should aim for practical experience when choosing R courses or material

Books are good too

If you want to learn R offline on your own time – you can use the interactive package swirl from http://swirlstats.com

Hope this helps,



you have two options:

  1. read all article regarding this R and arrive to nothingness
    2.start doing now by using swirl() its awesome


The article mentioned by analytics vidhya is perfectly great…But If u want to choose only one course …I would say go for AnalyticsEdge on edx. Its an extensive course which would require 20 to 25 hours per week if you do it religiously.
Complete all the assignment they provide.


thankyou @ajay_ohri sir ,well i am newbie too… i am in working as business analyst in world of internet marketing ,how can i appy R here,waiting for ur torch to guide me .