R studio working capacity on cloud!



Is R studio having any issues in handling high data volume like 4 to 5 TB data in cloud (AWS)???
If it has such problem in handling such data what could be the other option?


Hey @hemanth_gvn

Certainly R is probably not the best language for handling data of that magnitude. The memory limit for 64 bit systems is 8TB in R.

To get round this problem, python could help but if its regular work for you then you should better prefer languages like spark. You can find a good resource for spark here:


Hi, if you like to use R. Then your RAM size should be 16GB. I suggest you to check effective ways of using R.
for example :
read.table. writing functions and make the code parameterization. You can also try H2o package.
Though the computation time will be high, you can use R.