Reactions to Gartner advanced analytics quadrants - 2015?


Just saw that Gartner has released advanced analytics quadrants for 2015:

This is how they were in 2014:

Here are a few interesting things I made a note of:

  1. Instead of all the concerns / discussions against SAS losing market share to Revolution (would be now in name of Microsoft now) - it continues to be the strongest leader in 2015 quadrants.

  2. Revolution Analytics / Microsoft has actually moved down in ability of execution?

  3. Alteryx, Alpine Data Labs have moved right becoming prominent visionaries

  4. I can’t see Oracle in these quadrants - not sure why is it missing?

  5. Dell / Statsoft (Statsoft was acquired by Dell last year) stay pretty much where they were.

What do you think about these points? Any other observations you can note? Would be interesting to see what other poeple in industry think about it.


I too immediately noticed MS’s movement–probably because I had read this article, which praises their ML R&D to the High Heavens, just a few hours earlier.


Knime a leader- that is surprising isnt it

also Microsoft acquired Revolution Analytics so I guess they will move up in 2016?