Read data from Multiple CSV files to analyze data



Hi Everyone

I am an aspiring Data Scientist and currently working on a case study.

I wanted to understand how can I read data from Multiple csv files in a folder and analyze them without importing them.


I have 20 csv files with stats on cricket scores - match id, innings, batsman, runs, balls played, wicket status and strike rate
The files are saved as match names like INDAUS.csv, WISA.csv etc

Tool used: R 3.3.0

Need help with: I wanna calculate mean of runs scored in 1st innings, but without importing the data in R and want to read it from CSV files directly. Is this possible?

What methodology should I use to read data?

Is it appropriate to search for data using the matchid or the file name?

Is it advisable to merge all the data in a single file or should I create my own dataset with required file?