Reading russian language from a excel file in R



Hey guys,

I am working to create a R shiny translation App using the translateR package and googleAPI key. I have created an input page but it seems that neither R Shiny or R can read the input file which has text in Russian language.
I researched on this and it seems it is the encoding issue with R which is preventing from reading the symbols other than the alphabets and posing a challenge.
Can anyone of you help me rectify this?
There isn’t much solution on web regarding this. I have tried some hacks mentioned in this “” article. But it didn’t work.

Look forward to some solution! Let me know if I am not clear on stating the problem above, would be happy to connect.
Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @SripriyaVerma, could you share a sample of text from the input file?


May be if there is code to change the encoding in R then it might help you to read the file


That is what I am looking for, if you know of something like that, do let me know.

Thanks for your help


@pjoshi15 – Here’s a sample. sorry couldn’t upload a csv for it, as even csv cannot interpret russian alphabets. RussianTranslate.pdf (183.0 KB)

Thanks for your help