Recommendation Engine algos




While learning about recommendation engines I came across two algorithms called Apriori and Max Miner.
Wanted to know how extensively these are used??


i am also a learner in this filed. I came across majorly two algorithms first is collaborative filtering & another is content based filtering. in collaborative filtering, we find users who have somewhat same tastes & profile etc & based on those users’ feedback, we predict the recommendations. the other type is the content based, which you already mentioned apriori algo, which is also known as market basket analysis in business terms. it helps to figure out is someone bought one item & what is probability of the other item in the basket.
we can also figure out hybrid model out of both algorithms.
There are many examples out there where people have worked on recommendation systems. one of the famous example is predicting movie rating contest run by Netflix.
hope it gives you some roadmap to learn