Recommended laptops for beginners in the field



I’m a beginner in the field of analytics and have just started working on my own projects. I had been learning the various tools and techniques for the last 5 months. Which laptop or what specifications in a laptop would yous suggest for me?
P.S- I have just completed second year of my undergraduate degree


Recommended Desktop/Laptop Specs for Data Science

You can check out the attached article, you will get some idea about the configuration that you will need for machine learning purpose.

Hope this helps,
Syed Danish


Hi there,

I faced the same problem recently and got my laptop upgraded due to initial poor choice of laptop specification.

Here is what I will suggest.

1- Go for a 16 GB RAM version. Though 8GB would suffice but in competitions like on kaggle 8GB would pose a trouble somewhere.

2- If you can go for i7 processors or i5 with multithreading and turbo boost.

3- Go for the ubuntu version of the laptop. You can save a lot of money that way.

4- Invest the saved money in a laptop with atleast of 2GB GPU. You will see the speed, you have never seen.

Hope this helps.



I have a 4 GB RAM sic sic :frowning:



Then you sir, must be a really good programmer :stuck_out_tongue:


@NSS- Thank you for the suggestions.

I have three models in mind,

Can you give me an order of your preference for these 3?


If budget is not the issue.

Inspiron 7559
Inspiron 7548