Recommender systems - is it a data science or programming?



Dear all,

How far can we claim that building a recommender systems involves data science / machine intelligence work? I could see that building a recommender system is more of a programming stuff rather than applying the concepts of data science? Especially i could see that recommender systems were built using Java mostly rather than a python or R?

Please let me know your opinion on this

Thank you.



There isn’t much point in trying to draw a line between programming and data science / machine intelligence. How can you build a recommender engine with analyzing the data?

Also, Java has Mahout machine learning libraries, which can be used for building recommender system, but that does not mean that it does not involve data science / machine learning.

Infact, you can check out the case study on Dato page, where they build recommendation engine on Python with a few lines of codes.

Hope this helps.



I agree, thanks for reply.