Regarding data science internship opportunities



Hello everyone,

I will start with my background first, I did my bachelor’s in Aerospace engineering in India followed by MSc in Computational Fluid Dynamics from UK, during my masters I come across quants analyst profile and while searching for it I found out data science field. Whatever I understand so far, I think I very very interested in data science. I started learning from edx in August but due to my thesis work I have to stop my plans and focus on writing my final thesis. However I am back in India now and started learning from edx again but I don’t want to stay in home and just learn on my own. I tried to apply for internships in Delhi/NCR but didn’t get any reply so far (even from Analytics Vidhya). Can someone help me with this?. I did coding with FORTRAN, MatLab and C++ (using OpenFAOM for thesis) and I am good in maths also but except that I have no profile in Data Science, may be this is why I am not getting any reply?
Any advice would be greatly helpful for me.


Hi @aks2200,

My personal opinion; you have a great profile. You just require a bit of luck to grab the right opportunity. Don’t be bogged down by these hurdles. Keep trying for different positions in many companies, i’m sure you will get a reply.

By the time, try building up your resume by doing projects / MOOCs etc. It would help you in your endeavor.



Most importantly your field of study would have already exposed you to statistics, calculus to a great extent and the fundamentals needed to mathematically approach a problem. I am not even sure if you want to jump a field but instead build a layer over your fundamentals and masters and see how it applies. CFD is definitely a field where statistics can play a huge role for testing different models which in the end if i am right tests for drag and drag related impact.

Check ISRO or DRDO where they actively work on this field and have heavy machine level programming as well specifically in the testing department there.


Hello Faizan,

Thank you very much for your reply and valuable advice, I am working on data science certificate by Microsoft on edx. Hopefully that will add some weightage to my resume.


Hello shivacc,

Thank you very much for your reply, it seems you know about CFD. Then surely you must know there is no recognition of a particular person in CFD industry (during his/her early career stage) unlike in data science where there are many online competitions and other stuffs. All the commercial and in-house codes of DRDO and ISRO are written during world war 2 (I mean the equations used for solving CFD problems). My motivation for jumping (yes, I want to change my field) is to get recognized for my hard work, and as you mentioned in your reply that I already have some basic knowledge for data science field, that’s why I think I can change my field in my early career stage.


@aks2200 : I am looking to hire a fresh grad - Phd/Masters with experience in python skills initially. Later on this person will work on developing new algorithms - combining Bayesian and CFD. Let me know if you are interested.