Regarding online vs full time course of data science



I have started following Analytics Vidhya recently.
And my reason for entering into Data science field is AV only.
I have completed my Engineering in Electronics engineering in 2012.
and doing lectureship for 3 years.
Now i want to change my field, but after doing lots of research, i am confused between online vs full time courses.
Which one is best?
are online institutes like Jigsaw Academy are providing placement for freshers?
I have worked with MS Excel, python.
Please guys suggest.


Hi Harsh,

I hope you have checked all the threads and posts related to career available on AV . It is a one stop for most of the queries related to analytic’s and its application in real world.

There are ample number of courses available , but i would suggest you to go with classroom courses.
If you can devote more time to make strong foundation in Statistics,R,Python,Hadoop and other
Data mining techniques by enrolling in some 6-12 months of classroom courses , then it would definitely
give you lot of exposure.

On the other hand, it just depends on person to person , if you can really utilize and manage vast resources available online and practice daily , then surely giving interviews and cracking one of those
will not be much difficult.

If I were you , i would go with full time courses to make strong foundation and give my self enough time
to practice and develop a thorough understanding in every subject i could lay my hands on .

I guess, most of the institutes do not provide any placements . Praxis businees school , is providing
placements to its students because it is 12 months classroom course . It’s your take to decide, what suits you best. If you have any more issues, let me know.


Thanks @vrana95
I have some financial issues. So is it good to join Jigsaw Academy for online course.
Are they providing placement after their combo course of Data science with SAS,R.


Hi Harsh,

I don’t think they provide any placement assistance. You can talk to them . They can forward and build your resume , but i am not very sure of any placements.

Training provided by jigsaw are pretty good to start with . There will be a step wise approach to reach for a particular problem . Check out Free courses available on coursera and edx for the data science .

Start with the R courses which are available on edx and look for good you tube channels to warm you up .
Later on , decide how much time and concentration you require for an online training .
best of Luck .



What about this course??

It’s of MIT.
Anybody heard about it?
any review?
is it right for beginner?


Hi @11harsh22:

Please read out this link:


Thanks Swapnil for your information.


I am Transitioner to Data science from non programming experiance.
Kindly suggest me what to do?
Should i go for upx academy for their data science course?
or join any other institute which helps in providing placements after the course?