Relevance & need of Python programming in Data Science and Analytics, Machine Learning

I understand that Python is the basic stepping stone in Data Analytics programming side & I must learn upto certain extent of Python (if not expert) to make a career in Data Analytics. However, recently I observed, in Azure Machine Learning Studio, entire machine learning coding job has been simplified just as module drag & drop. With good understanding on Data Science-machine learning,one can easily manage the modelling with zero knowledge on Python (or any other language) coding. That is what I understood however being newbie in this area I am not confident if I oversimplified things & my understanding is correct or not. Is Python coding knowledge still required? Am I missing something? Even in any Data Analytics course, I see a special placeholder is kept for Visualization using Python (like graph plotting), but there also I see Tableau, MicroStrategy PowerBI or Qilkview which are much easier to use & I don’t know if I will still need to use the visualization library & code from Python to visualize my model output or data pattern. Could any of you help with your expert opinion ?