Request for Articles - March 2017



Hi everyone,

This is a new, simple and powerful initiative we are starting on Analytics Vidhya. Going forward, we will start a new thread like this every month and take suggestions on articles needed by our community members.

So, if you have struggled to find Analytics Vidhya style articles and content on any area in analytics / data science / big data, go ahead and make a posting this thread here.

If the topic you want is already there, please add a like to the topic to support the request. We will make sure that we provide you the best in class content on the most upvoted topics.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. It is expected that you will search through Analytics Vidhya blog and resources before posting a request.
  2. Please add a description to the request including what challenge are you facing in finding relevant information / content. Are there specific areas you would want help on?
  3. If you have already looked at some resources before, but need some thing more - you should include that information in the request.

Very excited to launch this and I am sure it would be super useful for our community.


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Thanks Kunal for starting this initiative. An avid AV follower like me is always waiting like a hummingbird everyday what is going to be the next article to be posted and can learn from it in analytics/data science space. I can’t emphasis enough the importance of this community and how it has changed my outlook towards analytics industry.

The art of variable selection and data preprocessing/treatment is the most important activity one needs learn, adopt and perform even before applying any modelling techniques to do the prediction. I had gone through many quality article regarding exploratory data analysis, feature selection, dimensionality reduction etc. Can we have a consolidate article which demonstrate from the scratch about the different nuances of data preprocessing/treatment techniques with examples(in R preferably) and different variable selection methodology in several unique scenario. It will be very beneficial for a novice like us.



Hi Kunal,

There are few suggestion on the articles as I am very new in analytics and I am enjoying a lot learning new stuffs :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

  1. I saw the article “How to start a career in Business Analytics?” on July 13, 2013, which actually helped a lot as beginner for me. But for the current market situation I believe we should add some more tips on the trends.
  2. Article on the analytic tech and examples collected from different users , picking the best and publishing will help us to know a new way of looking at the data or analysis.
  3. Additional skills which a analytic professional should posses , which will help to upgrade our-self and teach others.

Hope this will help and serves the purpose i guess :slight_smile: :slight_smile: .

Vinayaka V