Request for guidance in career transition to Data Analytics



Thanks for reading this thread. I am thinking of career transition to Data Analytics and I need guidance.

I have 10 years of experience in Sales and Business Development. I do not have experience in IT field, majority of my experience is in Industrial sector like Power and Oil & Gas. On education front, I have done MBA in Marketing and B.E. Mechanical Engineering. I am earning Rs. 15 Lacs per year.

I am very good at Maths and especially in statistics. That’s what I have strong inclination towards Data Scientist career. But for practical reasons and my career situation, I am confused.

I need very honest and straight-forward advise;

  1. Can I pursue career in Data Analytics at this stage of my career? Is it worthy enough to start something new from scratch?
  2. Do I need to start as a fresher in Data Analytics field? Will there be any impact on my salary?
  3. Which courses should I consider, in case I decide to move ahead?

Your help is much appreciated!

Thank You!

Best Regards,
Kunal Rane


Hi rannekunal,

You can refer this article for your query. This article is written by Kunal himself. It is for those people who want to switch their career in Analytics / Business Analytics.



Hello Please refer Link1 , Link2 ,Link3 , Link4

Need to Learn Concept First
then any scripting language (R or Python)
any Graphical tool (like : Tableau)

If your fundamentals and application is strong then salary is not problem for right candidate…