Request guidance on opportunities in analytics space


Hi Forum !

I am trying to move from a regular full time IT job into analytics space. Have 14 years of exp. in databases and RDBMS related development activities. Planning to quit from the current job to dedicate fully to learning analytics.

Have a few generic questions on opportunities that I can expect. Would like to get this forum’s expert opinions and guidance.

  1. Are opportunities limited to regular jobs or is it possible to work as an independent consultant in this space ? I prefer to take up smaller tasks rather than getting into a full time job.
  2. If there is scope for an independent consultant, what tools should I focus on ? I know SAS is very pricey and only big companies can afford them. How is R and other tools faring compared to SAS ?
  3. Finally, are there opportunities available as a trainer in any of these tools ?

Thanks & regards,


Hi Justin,

Here is my perspective on the questions you asked:

  1. Both opportunities are available, but my sense is that it might be difficult to get freelancing / consulting opportunities directly. It might be prudent to work for 1 or 2 years, gather some experience under your profile and then look for freelancing work. You can check out projects on elance, odesk to start with.

  2. As a consultant, you should be adept with one open source tool. The choice depends on your clients. If most of them are in the US, then either R or Python might be a good choice. Otherwise, R is a safer option right now.

  3. Yes, of course, but again, I would suggest to gain some hands on experience before you go doen that route.



Thanks very much for your advice. Helps me a lot to choose the direction that I should take.