Requesting Information - planning to do Masters in Business Analytics from USA



I am a final year Computer Science student from Mumbai University and planning to do my Masters in Business Analytics from USA.

  1. Being a student and not having any job experience hinder my chances of getting into analytic programme?
  2. What are some perquisites that I should invest my time in before going to do my masters?



Here are my views:

  1. Typically Masters program in the US have a mix of people with some work experience and freshers. If you have good academic record, it should not be a problem

  2. Since you are already in your final year, I would suggest to make sure that you spend quality and ample time writing the Statement of Purpose and getting the right recommendations for your application. If you have time, do a few open courses available on Coursera / edX.



Thank you Sir for replying.
My academics are average. Will an internship help me to some extent ?