Research/Project Ideas during time abroad - (6-9 months)




I’m a young IT audit professional who is interested making a switch into data science and analytics as a career. This upcoming academic year however, I received a Fulbright scholarship to go teach English part-time in Europe at university. I’ll have a lot of free time outside of teaching to pursue other interests/projects and I’m hoping to pursue a feasible project or research in data analytics that can help me build my resume and skillset while I’m gone. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for potential projects or research I could do using data analytics over a period of 6-8 months (I’m a novice with some SQL, Tableau experience, currently learning python, R ). I was thinking that I could collaborate with the the university and get access to /collect data regarding the university (students, classes, grades, prospective students, operations etc) in an effort to improve the university’s effectiveness and drive insights as I’ve read articles and success stories on universities using big data to improve themselves and better make decisions. However, I’d love to hear more ideas from folks more experienced then myself about other potential things I can look into that I might not think about

To add - my plan after the Fulbright is to go straight to grad school (already accepted) or find an entry-level analytics position


Great question from a young professional like you. Which country in Europe you will be during next 6-8 months (July 18 - Feb 19, tentatively). English part-time teaching with scholarship may not be adequate to utilize full time and your plan is great i getting associated with University on students’ data bases. I am sure University may have some processes already in place and that will allow you to get even more exposure.Even opportunities of teaching English in other non-English speaking countries on-line will be another idea.
Regarding data analytics, you can even start with the problem of relevance of English learning in Europe and how to reduce its dependence?
Presently, software is available in quick translation in most written languages available in websites and their phonic script is also available. I am sure audio translation may be there.
Based on your background and skill sets you may choose your graduation subjects. Analytics require proficiency in statistics which I am sure you already have, This field is also vast and interesting.
All is well and wish you the best. Regards.