[Resource]: Deep Drive: Gaming data for betterment of society!



A great attempt to help people build something useful; Deep Drive is a project that was created by leveraging Grand Theft Auto V game to generate 40+ hours of car driving data to train a self-driving car model. With emerging technologies like Deep Learning this would be a boon to many of the researchers and entrepreneurs out there!

A bit info on Deep Drive:

The current generation of self-driving cars struggles in an urban setting at speeds above 25mph, requiring people to be ever-ready at the wheel. This problem is aggravated by the high risk of getting into an accident and the resultant limitation of testing new approaches on real roads. Modern video-games like GTA V, however, present a world where you can test self-driving car AI’s in large complex urban areas replete with realistic roads, weather, pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles with zero risk or cost.

DeepDrive aims to be such a platform for self-driving cars powered by deep learning. By combining a highly realistic driving simulation with hooks for perception and control, DeepDrive gives anyone with a computer the opportunity to build better self-driving cars.

Do check it out and start hacking!

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