Resources / frameworks for Media Mix Modelling




Good evening to all my friends,senior and juniors.

I want to know how could I learn the techniques called “Media Mix Modelling” ie probabaly if company’s sales is generating through direct sales,affiliate, Social media, SEM, SEO and more. How do I am able to find out generating sales through which channel is maximum profitable?

I want to know the theoratical approach for solving the problem and as well as how to do the coding in R? Please people help me out.

Waiting for your reply.

Thanks once again before helping me out.


hello Kunal sir, Tavish sir, Ajay sir please give u people valuable thought. I am waiting for your response. Also answer from anybody would be much appreciated.



It is a very evolved subject and hence, it would be far more useful if you ask specific questions.

If you need a theoratical beacakground, have a look at this text:

One of the good and detailed guide on the subject.



Thnka kunal sir for replying me. BUt sir I did not ask marketing mix modelling, I asked media mix modelling which means let consider my company genrating sales through PPC, Organic, Social media, direct channel, Affiliates etc and I have four years of data for that in google analytics. My CEO told me to apply some statistical modelling to come up with some interesting findings. So what should I do? Any suggestion from you is welcome. Waiting for your answer