Resources to learn D3.js



I have been using R for last 2 years now and am fairly comfortable with it. I have used R for my graphical and data visualization needs in past. Recently, One of my friends suggested me to learn D3.js. I had a look at some of the visualizations produced using D3.js and now want to learn it.

I have never done web development before and have used C / C++ for programming before. Please suggest the best ways to understand and learn D3.js




You are on the right trajectory! D3 is probably one of the best visualization libraries available in the world. Since you do not have any web development experience, here is what I would suggest you to do:

  • Learn the basics of HTML and CSS (You can do the basic course from Udacity, Codecademy or Khan Academy)
  • Learn the basics of Javascript - again Udacity, Codecademy and KhanAcademy have a good course to learn the fundamentals.

Once you are comfortable with Javascript, Here are a few resources, you might find useful:

Once you have done any of these courses, the best thing would be to take up some projects and do them.

Hope this helps.



@jon also have a look at dc.js - a JavaScript library used to make interactive dashboards.It uses d3 and crossfilter.js to slice and dice data on available dimensions.

Reference - Making dashboard with dc.js