Restrict values in specified cells in Excel?




I have a template in excel and want to restrict values in columns Pincode, State and Category to remove data entry errors. Rules for these columns are:-

Pincode: Must be number and of 6 digits only
State and Category: Must be from given list

Cells under these columns should not accept the values other than defined rules.Can any one help me how to handle this?



It can be done in excel using Data Validation.

Pincode must be a number and of 6 digits only:
Go to Data --> Data Validation --> Select “Whole Number” in Validation Criteria --> Select “Between” in data section --> 100000 in Minimum text box and 999999 in Maximum text Box --> Press Ok.

State and Category:
Go to Data --> Data Validation --> Select “List” in Validation Criteria --> Give reference for range of values of State or Category.

Hope it helps!