Review For JIGSAW Academy?


I have a query that Enrolling in Data Scientist Course by Jigsaw academy will worth or not? They are charging 45K for course and will training us SAS, R , Python Advance SAS & SQL. I need your help in this can you give some advice for the course or wether to join it or not?


Jigsaw Academy has some good courses but are unfairly Expensive.These courses include only basics that one can learn form MOOC on cousera,edx or udacity .
So i will advice You to go for some good MOOC.
If you want to persu learning Data Science First choose any one programming language either R or python (both are open source).

I hope it helps.

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Thank You Ashish, I am following Udacity to learn statistics & then will follow the guideline of Analytics Vidhya’s Ultimate data science plan.


I am a student of Jigsaw academy. The course is pretty avergae.

Moreover there is one negative point with them - THEY DO NOT PROVIDE WRITTEN NOTES. ALSO THEIR TRANSCRIPTS ARE POORLY FORMATTED. i believe written notes / transcripts are very essential to one’s learning.

Picture this:- Say you enroll for a course which is one year long in duration and has some 50 modules. Say you complete 4 modules in 1st month. Now once when you are in 5th month probably you will not remember the modules you learnt in 1st month. Probably you would need to revise the content.

The problem with Jigsaw is the moment you choose to revise something, you will have to listen to the recordings again. That means spending the same time revising as the time you put in to learn.

Had there been printed notes or transcripts it is very easy to revise the concepts just by reading. The quality of transcripts is pathetic and the numbers are not formatted correctly.

I brought this to the notice of business owner of Jigsaw. But sadly she did not want to undertake the exercise of re printing the transcripts or providing printed notes.

So the bottom line is- Things might seem rosy initially when you learn the concepts for the first time. But the moment you try to revise you have to go through the recordings again This is quite irritating and consumes a lot of time.

Had they provided transcripts or printed notes revising would have been breezy. The final point is about the attitude of Jigsaw. Inspite of havong brought to their notice they are not interested in giving printed notes.

Guys be practical. How many times will you go through the recordings?? Isnt it time consuming?? Isnt reading the printed content faster? What happens when the time duration is up… say 6 months and you dont have access to videos? ALl the things which you saw in recordings will evaporate. The transcripts are so bad that you cant even read them nicely.

See for yourself. This is my experience. It can be improved vastly. After all you are paying 40000 INR+. The least they can do is provided written content.


Is this learning path helping you in learning data science???


Hi, its good to share your concerns.If the course is average then paying is a hit, Have you tried I have done pretty much at no cost with good certificates.Then in future if you really need to Data Science Course or Big Data try Edureka.
I am hoping you try these 2 sites have mentioned.

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i would like to go for HR Analytics Course from Jigsaw Academy… can anyone help me in this concern , should i go for this they are charging around 25K…or is there any other institutes for HR Analytics courses …