Review on analytixsLab course



I am really confused weather i should join Data Analyst course with analytixsLab here on Analytics Vidya good reviews about this institute, however there are some complains i can see about analytixsLab on consumer forum. So i request Analytics vidya to help me to select right institute which will have a good training quality and assistance after training. I already lost so much time in my career if still i make any mistake choosing right institution, then i might never have any other option for my career in life as this is my last chance.

So please please i respect you a lot because i seen you are the only one web portal in india gives very useful information about data Analytics. Thank you Analytics Vidya, i am sure you will help me for my career.


There are a lot of online resources available which can help you to learn about data science. You can go through the course created by analytics vidhya from here.