Right analytic Course for Banking (Sales) Professional



Hi Friends,

I am an MBA Finance from ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad. I have 7 years of experience in Banking. I do have basic understanding of Stats and Excel.

I am looking to make a shift in analytic but feeling overwhelmed with choice of course/content/institutes.

I need to understand from where do I need to start? Shall i go for inexpensive online courses (provided it gets me a job) and later do advanced training ? Or I need to get started with some big name ?


Dear @kunal

Can you please help me out with this. I am into sales profile for last 5 year, working with pvt Banks.

I am looking for a career shift and analytics looks most appealing.

In one of your article about pgpba glim, you wrote this course is less into technicalities. My objective is to be more on stats+technical side.

I have also gone through jigsaw’s bundled course, which they are offering at 99k.

Post completion of course I would be happy if I get a job in 6-8 lac range (around my current Ctc).

I am in a fix. if I can get job with my desired salary range any one (jigsaw, glim) will work for me. But there is cost difference as well.

Please suggest me.




I need to understand the motivation behind the switch in order to provide the right answer. Why do you want to make a shift into analytics? Have you ever been into a technical role?



Dear @kunal,

Motivation : I have been into sales role for more than 5 years now and not enjoying same any more. salary is not an issue, as I will get better package if I switch to some other bank. I am 30 years right now and in few years time, instead of exploring some thing exciting, I would have compulsion to settle down with what I have. I always wanted to work in analytics role, had done financial econometric/SAS/SPSS during MBA and enjoyed it a lot. Even after being in banking my passion for numbers is intact. And best way I visualise myself is into an intellectually challenging role, some thing which makes my mind work in analytical sense. I will rate myself good in quant. but I lack programming skill, although I studies C,JAVA way back in 2002-03.

Technical role : Never got a chance when I was fit for that. will not get into detail but there was a time back in 2008-10 I tried to get into that.

Main Confusion I have an offer letter from Great Lakes to join in Jan 2016 batch for PGPBA. Course fee is 4 lac. Have gone through one of your article wherein you categorised who should join this course and also learning outcomes. I do not exactly fit into that parameter. Moreover will that course outcome will help me, that also is a question ?Fee is ofcourse an issue but in case there is high likely hood to get a job even with slightly lower salary, that’s ok with me. So with my background shall i start with Jigsaw or GLIM.

Outcome which I expect Irrespective where i join I need a start into analytical role post my learning. That is the whole Idea. hence I want to understand where to start (first Jigsaw then GLIM/ISB) or straight way GLIM.

You are the only person whom I could find who can effectively guide me. Think of me as your protege :grinning:



From the job perspective, I would recommend that you join Great Lakes and continue to supplement technical learning along with the course on your own. While Jigsaw has good course content, there will be limited opportunity to interact with industry professionals. On the other hand, Great Lakes will provide you that interaction during the course and in form of industry Capstone project later on.

You should aim to have a few projects under your portfolio before you pass out. That will only happen when you join the course and in parallel start your technical learning. As part of the course, you will also have access to some lectures and content from Jigsaw.

In addition, you can also start exploring sales roles in analytics companies. They can be a good intermediate step in enabling the transition.

Hope this helps.