Rstudio importing problem



I am Premal Sheth. I am using Rstudio on windows 7 machine
I was trying to import text files in Rstudio using VCorpus command for text analysis. But in some file there is word " 'll " which is short form of “will” but rstudio not able to read this word correctly and also not able to remove by removePunctuation command.

can anybody please tell me how can i resolve this problem in Rstudio?
Thanks in Advance


while importing file you can use na.strings == c(“ll”) only if you dont want to use ll for any analysis it will read it as NA otherwise you can replace ll with will in the whole document


Thank you so much for your kind reply but above problem solved by giving encoding UTF-8 while I import from VCorpus.
Now Another problem is also encoding problem.
when I give command " removePunctuation(preserve_intra_word_dashes = TRUE)" it give me following error

Error in UseMethod(“removePunctuation”) :
no applicable method for ‘removePunctuation’ applied to an object of class “name”

if I remove “preserve_intra_word_dashes = TRUE” and Run code it gives me <U+0080> instead of dash sign.

How can I remove or ignore not convert dash in encode?
Thanks in Advance