RStudio v0.99 Released



The release announcement is here:

Even though I’m relatively new to R and RStudio, from the moment I began using it, I felt that there were many features missing that one would normally expect from a “regular” programming language IDE. Quite a few of those have been added in this iteration. The nice people at RStudio have been regularly updating us about these in their blog, but only now is the final release available.


Thanks @anon for sharing

Just to complete the information, following are the features released as part of this version:

  • A new data viewer with support for large datasets, filtering, searching, and sorting.
  • Complete overhaul of R code completion with many new features and capabilities.
  • The source editor now provides code diagnostics (errors, warnings, etc.) as you work.
  • User customizable code snippets for automating common editing tasks.
  • Tools for Rcpp: completion, diagnostics, code navigation, find usages, and automatic indentation.
  • Many additional source editor improvements including multiple cursors, tab re-ordering, and several new themes.
  • An enhanced Vim mode with visual block selection, macros, marks, and subset of : commands.

More details can be found in the link provided by anon.

The way I see it is that the IDE is becoming more and more mainstream. Almost v1.0 now :smile: