Rules for the online hackathon




Are we allowed to use the internet / books / ebooks / chat with our friends for the online hackathon ? Any restrictions of any kind ?

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Hi @ashimkapoor

No…you will be monitored using private satellite launched by Analytics Vidhya recently :smile:

Just kidding…you are free to use whatever mode / resource you want.



Hi @kunal

Okay.Thank you.

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hi @kunal, this post was flagged by the community. I have no idea why it should be flagged???

These are some general questions regarding the hackathon, I understand that you want to reveal the question statement on the day of the hackathon, but having some idea about the type & size of the data, gives us some heads up regarding the tools that we may require for crunching the data.

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" Can you give some idea about the format in which the data will be available for download. (csv file, text, or some other format) Can you also provide the size of the data. Also if you can provide some idea regarding the data (transactional, image processing.user data.etc ) it will be great!"



The post was flagged as off topic. You need to start a new discussion for each topic. So, this is a fair question to ask, but post it as a new question and select the category is Hackathons -> Online hackathon

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@kunal ok. so I have posted it under “Rules for the online hackathon”. could you answer the questions



The download would be available in csv format and is expected to be a small dataset - less than 5 MB in size.

The data would be for a classification problem - I can’t say any thing more than this at this stage.

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