SAP HANA as an analytics tool



Hi All,

How is SAP HANA as a tool for analytics, predictive modelling compared to R, SAS etc. Does another SAP module also support modelling etc.




SAP HANA has some good big data and predictive modeling capabilities, but is not as prevalent as R and SAS today. It is being sold mainly to customers already on SAP, as the integration is seamless.

I am not aware of any other SAP module supporting modelling.



@kunal ok, thank you sir


Hi Poorna,

SAP HANA is a pre-packaged analytics for various business horizontal and vertical modules. Time series functions are built in which helps in forecasting/Predictions.

Any Analytics tools like SAP Hana or Oracle BI or OBIA lacks with statistical computing and hence need to integrate with R .

we have ** Oracle R Enterprise**
similar we need to integrate SAP HANA with R.
Microsoft Power BI has inbuilt R console.



Hi @poornaramakrishnan

Few point about SAP Hana and SAP Hana. On the analytics side SAP Hana offers all the facilities of a BI Platform, visualisation etc … as well a cool visual interface in case of SAP Hana. If you are more interested in machine learning there is the PAL library, which includes models such as KNN, but not random forest for example (to my knowledge). You have one interface to R as welll, very fast as expected and not all in memory (you can push at server level … ) and one good point is the integration with external source such as IOT (quite new on Hana).
Check on the SAP SCN portal there is a lot of material about SAP Hana.

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Hi @poornaramakrishnan

if you want to learn about BW on SAP Hana, a course has just started on the SAP Open platform, usually the courses are good and free (be careful you will need on AWS instance for this one so cost will be with Amazon)

Have look there SAP Open

Hope this help.